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Get Best Health Insurance In UAE

Health insurance is designed to cover the cost of private health care treatment for a range of medical conditions. Policies can cover a variety of diagnostics to identify diseases, illnesses, or injuries, and offer a range of treatments to return you to your original state of health

What will affect my Health insurance premium?

What level of cover do I need?

  • In patient and Out-patient
  • Annual Limit: Depends on the plan chosen
  • Co-insurance/Deductible – depending on the plan chosen
  • Medicine Limit – Covered up to Annual Limit
  • In-patient co-insurance – Covered  up to Annual Limit
  • Hospital Room Type – Depends on the plan chosen
  • Out-Patient treatment: direct access to specialists, hospital or clinic, depending on the plan chosen
  • Pre-existing & Chronic conditions – based on declaration on the application form, subject to evaluation and approval of the Insurance Company. Any undeclared pre-existiong condition will not be covered up to expiry of the policy. For new visa,  6 months waiting period
  • Maternity Limit: Normal Delivery – AED7,000/-; AED10,000/- for medically necessary C-section, complications and medically necessary termination subject to 10% co-insurance.
  • New-born baby cover which includes neo-natal screening test, etc.
  • Option to include Dental and  Optical Benifits
or Basic plan, Mandated by law, EBP is the minimum health insurance cover Dubai residents are required to have. Originally designed to provide essential protection for those on entry level/low grade salaries, it covers medical emergencies and procedures, tests, and medication
Also known as Hospitals Plan, Comprehensive insurance is a more expensive option that cover everything offered by EBP plans, but with higher benefit limits, a larger network of providers, and, depending on additions/ extensions, dental, vision, and home county coverage.​

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What do I need to get a health insurance quote?

Insurers consider lots of things when they work out how risky you might be – and the more of a risk you pose, the higher the price of your health insurance will be. Considerations include:


The copayment is the amount you will pay from your own pocket before the remaining is covered (partly or in whole) by the insurance provider.
Health insurance is a paid service that covers the costs of any injury or disease treatment across a network of hospitals and healthcare institutions. You have the option of purchasing a health plan on your own or being covered by your employer’s insurance plan. Monthly premiums are paid for the plan, which correspond to the quantity of coverage you have.
Choose the best health-care insurance plan for you. This will vary based on your age (as you become older, you’ll pay more for more coverage), whether you’re an individual or a family, and whether you live in your home country or as an expatriate (needing repatriation facilities and guest visitations).
A no-claims bonus is what you earn when you go 1 year and more without claiming on your policy. The longer you’ve gone without claiming, the more your insurers will cut off your premium.
When it comes to choosing a health insurance plan, it pays to conduct some research. Cost, coverage, and Convenience are all important things to consider.
In the event of an injury or illness, health insurance is the only method to cover the enormous expenses of modern hospitals and therapies. In addition, in order to be compliant, enterprises in the UAE must provide health insurance to employees and their family members.

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Insurance is a tricky subject, but with, help is always at hand. Check out our Help Centre, and get qualified assistance through live chat, WhatsApp, or email.

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